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15. června 2007 v 17:31 | relic-hunter |  Epizody
03x01-Wages of Sydney
03x02-Mr. Right
03x03-Sydney at Ten
03x04-The Light of Truth
03x05-Treasure Island
03x06-The Star of Nadir
03x07-Vampire's Kiss
03x08-Devil Doll
03x10-All Choked Up
03x11-Warlock of Nu Theta Phi
03x12-Women Want to Know
03x13-Fire in the Sky
03x14-Hunting with the Enemy
03x16-Under the Ice
03x17-Arthur's Cross
03x18-Faux Fox
03x19-Pandora's Box
03x20-The Warlord
03x21-Fountain of Youth
03x22-So Shall It Be

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